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Our Favorite Songs

  1. Money Game part 2 - Ren
  2. Overthinker - INZO
  3. Hidden in the Sand - Tally Hall
  4. Stal - C418
  5. Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
  6. Yesterday - The Beatles
  7. This Is Home - Cavetown
  8. I Won't Let You Down - OK Go
  9. Haunt Me - Samsa
  10. Ruler of Everything - Tally Hall

Pardon the mess, we're currently doing some construction!
The Universe's Best Radio Station

About Us

One Galaxy FM is an experimental Internet radio project. It's run by one anonymous person who just really likes music and wants to share their favorite songs with the world. No donations are accepted, this is a hobby project, and besides, it only costs a few dollars a month to run the whole operation. No, we are not a real physical radio station, you won't find us on the air in any city anywhere in the world. If you want to help support our station, simply spread the word to other people who might be interested.
Where does the name "One Galaxy FM" come from? - One Galaxy FM is the name of a fictional radio station in a short story I wrote a long time ago, but never published (and probably never will).
How much music does "One Galaxy FM" have? - We currently have more than 25 hours of music on rotation. More arriving every day! Not even everything we stream is on Spotify so the playlist on the side may be incomplete.
Who makes the top-of-the-hour IDs? - Anyone! Check out the Artists section down below for more info!
The stream is offline! - Send me an email using the contact link at the bottom of the page.
There's some weird silence towards the end of every hour! - This is a consequence of the automation. It can't go for more than 1h blocks, but also sometimes can't fill up a whole hour. If you want to help alleviate this, you can make a fake commercial and send it to me, check out the Artists section down below!
If you are an artist and want to get your music in the playlist, check out the Artists section down below!

Featured Music Video

After an ARG involving a bunch of cryptic puzzles, Twenty One Pilots is back with a new single from their recently announced album "Scaled and Icy". The Scaled and Icy releases May 21st on all streaming services! Check out Twenty One Pilots on Twitter.

New Music

This section is left blank because I'm currently still working on it


This section is left blank because I'm currently still working on it

One Galaxy FM is run by someone anonymous who loves music. 2021 - All rights reserved.